The first inclusive and global route to becoming an agile and innovation practitioner

What IFAAI stands for

IFAAI stands for international excellence in working with agile and innovating. We’re agile agnostic, so not wedded to any particular method. Instead, we’ve brought together the most widely-used agile and innovation methods. That means we’re inclusive and embrace different approaches. IFAAI learning and certificates combine sound theoretical knowledge with the many years of experience from practising experts worldwide.


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Where you can find us

We make our certificates and examinations available to our participants worldwide. Here we stand for global relevance and at the same time excellence of our certificates. IFAAI stands for highest quality and the best claim for agility and innovation.

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We are a part of AGNOSTIC AGILE

Agnositc Agile is the world’s leading association of agnostic agile thinkers.

Move forward with IFAAI learning and certification

You’re at the right place if you want real-world capabilities to boost your effectiveness. And you’ll be backed up with certification to show it. Behind that learning and certification are IFAAI thought leaders. They’ve designed this approach to be agile and flexible, creating a broad and inclusive path to what agile and innovation means in the real world. You find the way forward that works for you.

What we offer

We offer learning and certification in:

  • Agile Coach
  • Agile Foundations
  • Design Thinking
  • Kanban
  • OKRs (Objectives & Key Results)
  • Scrum

Innovation is at the heart of IFAAI

Agility and innovation go hand in hand for projects, organisational change, or meeting customer needs. That’s why you can benefit from IFAAI’s agile and innovation programmes and certificates. But we’ve also adopted an innovative approach to developing our certificates. We’ve moved away from standardised frameworks and brought fresh thinking that you, your organisations and clients can benefit from and trust.

Count on IFAAI

You can count on IFAAI to deliver great learning and certification. Why? We’re reliable and founded on excellent knowledge and great practices. Our reputation is strong and growing. We’re innovative and bring solutions that work for you. We’re internationally recognised. So join with IFAAI and get to know what you can achieve with us.