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Ways to get certified by IFAAI

We as IFAAI stand for worldwide excellence in the field of agile methods. The following certifications represent the most used methods in the agile world. Pick one of our certifications and start it online today.


Start your online Accredited Scrum Master Thinking Level 1 certification and get the official IFAAI certificate ASM Level I

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Design Thinking

Start your online Design Thinking Coach Level 1 certification and get the official IFAAI certificate DTC Level I

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Start your online Accredited Kanban Coach Level 1 certification and get the official IFAAI certificate AKC Level I

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Start your online Accredited OKR Master Level 1 certification and get the official IFAAI certificate OKRM Level I

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Where you can find us

We make our certificates and examinations available to our participants worldwide. Here we stand for global relevance and at the same time excellence of our certificates. IFAAI stands for highest quality and the best claim for agility and innovation.

IFAAI® in figures

85,430 Talents

Over 80,000 Talents take our certificates. That’s more than nine times fit into Madison square Garden.

1,125,800 Minutes

Incredible 1 million minutes were spent by our talents in our exams. 

3,320,000 right

90% of all questions in the tests were answered correctly. That is a total of more than 3 million correct answers.

IFAAI stands for Excellence

The IFAAI stands for many years of excellence in the field of agile certification. As a global leader in agile and innovative certifications, we are not only responsible for accompanying the agile and digital transformation of companies around the world. As an IFAAI, we are also responsible for the certification of outstanding talents worldwide. Our certificates provide employers in the IT and project industry with the highest level of trust for outstanding people. We are proud to meet these standards ourselves, but at the same time they represent a great external responsibility to our talents, to companies that see our certificates as a seal of quality and to the economy as a whole.

IFAAI stands for Trust

Every internationally recognized certification institution should have the highest standards for itself. Just by setting its own highest standards for quality, a certification institute can certify the best talents worldwide. The business community trusts IFAAI to test and certify the best talents under the highest conditions. Especially our tests and certificates around Scrum, Design Thinking, OKR and Kanban enjoy the highest reputation worldwide. Reputation that goes hand in hand with trust. We face this responsibility every day. In addition, it is our own claim not only to live up to it, but to develop it further year after year. That is innovation, that is agile. This is IFAAI

IFAAI stands for Agility and Innovation

Especially in the 21st century, the entire world and economy is facing challenges of an unprecedented nature. The last great economic change, the industrial revolution, has developed companies to replace workers with machines. This has radically changed craft professions. Although it can be said in retrospect that this has resulted in more machines doing people’s jobs, we have still experienced lower unemployment and higher prosperity. How can this be? This is primarily due to the fact that the economy has picked up speed more quickly and above all because people have learned other professions. Professions to build machines, professions to maintain and operate them. In retrospect, industrialisation has had positive effects, at least from an economic point of view. One could almost say that people and the economic environment have reacted “agile” to the new requirements. Today, we face the same challenge. Instead of machines replacing human muscle power, algorithms and artificial intelligence will continue to make the human brain obsolete. At least in processes with almost no complexity. Surely one could philosophize about ethical aspects at this point. It is also necessary that experts do so. The IFAAI, however, stands for agility and innovation and would not be right in this discussion. As experts in agility and innovation, we think much more about the issues surrounding companies. How can companies deal with this? Bury your head in the sand and hope that the digital revolution will disregard you? No, if you don’t, someone else will. So it is important to think about how they can use agile and innovative methods to answer this question and come out as winners in the end.