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Ways to get certified by IFAAI

We as IFAAI stand for worldwide excellence in the field of agile methods. The following certifications represent the most used methods in the agile world. We pursue the vision of not only certifying the theoretical knowledge of agile frameworks, because in times of the internet and increasing digitalisation, access to information is easier than ever. Our network is based on practising experts worldwide who leave their knowledge from years of experience and the practical application of agile methods on individual business cases be part of our certifications.


Start your online Accredited Agile Coach certification and get the official IFAAI certificate AC



Start your online Accredited Agile Foundation certification and get the official IFAAI certificate AF



Start your online Design Thinking Foundation and get the IFAAI certificate DTF

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Start your online Accredited Kanban Coach certification and get the official IFAAI certificate AKC

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Objectives & Key Results

Start your online Accredited OKR Coach certification and get the official IFAAI certificate OKRC

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Start your online Accredited Scrum Master Level 1 certification and get the official IFAAI certificate ASM Level I

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Where you can find us

We make our certificates and examinations available to our participants worldwide. Here we stand for global relevance and at the same time excellence of our certificates. IFAAI stands for highest quality and the best claim for agility and innovation.

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With IFAAI as Agile Certification Institute you pave the way to agile project management

In today’s world it is easy to pretend to be an expert and to sell exactly that in your CV despite marginal knowledge, bigger than it is. If you want to have real skills and support them with a certification, you are at the right address. As a Agile Institute we provide you with the necessary certifications, but our Institue for Agility IFAAI also promotes the knowledge behind them.
Best of all: Just as we attach great importance to promoting agility as an Institute for Agility, as a Agile Certification Institute we are keen to bring a certain amount of agility and flexibility. This contradicts the motto of the standardized certification. Through our broad positioning as a Agile Institute we give you exactly this flexibility to find the perfect solution for your own needs.

Scrum is on everyone’s lips: We put it into practice

Companies of the 21st century, as well as contemporary institutions and even projects outside of this landscape operate on a project-based basis. A clear framework is defined and equipped with KPIs, milestones and many other objectives. In order for such a project to be successful and for further measures to be derived, the project management is the central control level, since despite clear, diverse and narrow guidelines, one or the other project fails.
And this is exactly where our Scrum-Program come into play. In our certifications for Scrum Masters, we define Scrum as the rules of the game are kept open, whereas project management is more about constant exchange and good coordination paired with transparency. As the Institute for Agility, we are the right contact for precisely such open, flexible and dynamic approaches. As a Agile Certification Institute we offer further education that is perfectly suited and tailored to your needs!

A common and certified standard meets excellence

We would like to distinguish ourselves so that you too can distinguish yourself. That’s why we rely on truly recognized certifications that are worth their price. Central to this is our Accredited Scrum Master certification, which you can obtain from us. Depending on your requirements, we also offer different levels of certification. This is exactly how you fit in perfectly. Among the other certification options at the Institute for Inovation are the following fields:
Design Thinking

Innovation in the sense of modern standards as a basis of trust at the Institute for Agility

Projects in a wide variety of business fields often aim to create innovation. So why not rely on being innovative and modern in project management? Innovation always requires new approaches and ways of thinking and this is exactly what the standardized framework of the Scrum certification at our Agile Certification Insitute enables. By setting these standards our Agile Institute creates trust in our diverse certifications, from which you and future employers and clients will benefit.

Any more reasons? We would like to show you why we are the best Institute for Agile Certification

To count on us as a Agile Certification Institute, we are also worthwhile on other levels. Need some examples? We would like to give you some of the most common reasons to trust our Agile Institute and to obtain one of our Scrum certifications:
• Reliability
• An excellent reputation
• Solution orientation
• International recognition
• Proven concept for success
• Numbers speak for us

So take a look at our offer as the best Institute for Agile Certification and get to know the countless possibilities with the help of IFAAI!