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We as IFAAI stand for worldwide excellence in the field of agile methods. The following certifications represent the most used methods in the agile world. Pick one of our certifications and start it online today.


Start your online Agile Master certification and get the official IFAAI certificate AM LEARN MORE


Start your online Accredited Agile Coach certification and get the official IFAAI certificate AC LEARN MORE


Start your online Design Thinking Coach and get the IFAAI certificate DTC learn more


Start your online Accredited Kanban Coach certification and get the official IFAAI certificate AKC learn more


Start your online Accredited OKR Master certification and get the official IFAAI certificate OKRM Level 1 learn more


Start your online Accredited Scrum Master Level 1 certification and get the official IFAAI certificate ASM Level I learn more

Official Scrum Certifications

Scrum as an agile product and project management framework, is considered the most used agile method in the world. Over 100,000,000 people use Scrum or parts of it in their professional and sometimes even in their private life. Scrum is easy to understand but difficult to apply. Our certificates are highly respected and widely used in the global agile field.

Official Design Thinking Certifications

Design Thinking is the worldwide leading method for innovation management. The IFAAI certification Design Thinking Coach Level 1 (DTC I) is one of the most recognized certifications in the Design Thinking field. IFAAI stands for the highest standards in the field of agile innovation management, which is why the certification enjoys the highest recognition worldwide.

Official OKR Certifications

OKR is regarded as a method to bring corporate goals and visions from the strategic level to the operative level. In this context, similarities to other agile frameworks like Scrum are unmistakable. The goal of OKR is that every employee of a company in his “small” world is able to use the right levers to pay for the big overall goal of the company, the vision of the company. The IFAAI OKR certificates gained attention and recognition all over the world, especially in the last years.

Official Kanban Certifications

Kanban is one of the oldest methods in the agile world. Already in the early 80s the basic features of Kanban were introduced in the automotive industry. Kanban was able to slim down and simplify the often complex processes extremely. It is not uncommon for projects in today’s millennium to combine the Scrum and Kanban frameworks. The call for simplicity and streamlining has crossed the borders of the automotive industry in the last decades and has now reached business and IT. This is one of the reasons why Kanban certifications are more up-to-date than ever. Official IFAAI certifications are therefore considered at the highest level.