Agile Master Certification

Agile Master Certification

Exam Description: This exam takes you down to the deeper levels of Agile delivery. It focuses on agnostic multi-framework working and the techniques you apply within your teams and their sprints to improve delivery, value, prioritization and business involvement. This certificate demonstrates that you are a well-equipped Scrum Master, Agile PM, PO or team member.

Target Group: Anyone working in the professional Agile domain looking for a future in that Agile domain. It concerns Agile Practitioners, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile Project Managers, members of Agile Leadership teams.

Agile Master


Start your online Accredited Agile Master certification and get the official IFAAI certificate AM

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Details of the Agile Master Exam

Price: 149 EUR per trial
Type of test: Online
Time: 60 Minutes
Number of questions: 60
To pass: 70 % of correct answers
Language: English
Format: Multiple- and Single Choice Questions
Requirements: None
Permitted tools: Notes or trainings material