OKR Coach Certification

OKR Coach Certifications

Objective and Key Results or simply abbreviated “OKR” is an increasingly important method for structuring an agile organization. Start today with your official OKR Coach certification here at IFAAI


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Details of the Accredited OKR Coach Exam

Price: 149 EUR per trial
Type of test: Online
Time: 60 Minutes
Number of questions: 60
To pass: 70 % of correct answers
Language: English
Format: Multiple- and Single Choice Questions
Requirements: None
Permitted tools: Notes or trainings material

Successfully design organizational structure as a trained OKR Certification

Where should it go with the internal organization or in other words: which goals should be pursued? Strategic questions in companies and also other environments such as associations, groupings and a wide variety of other contexts and initiative are not entirely unimportant. Thus, the route to be taken is defined and, based on this, measures and techniques are introduced that are to contribute to the achievement of precisely this goal.

But where do the necessary competencies for this come from? Even the most talented strategic planner will run into problems at some point. So why not roll the whole thing up systematically and with the help of proven goals? That’s exactly what you’ll learn and more during your qualification for an OKR Certification, an important method in strategy. With us, you can train for this and thus gain an important qualification.

Agility is emphasized in OKR Certification training and enjoys great popularity

The mainstay of agility is also emphasized time and again at OKR Certification and is also an important aspect of our certification. Translated, this agility means that there is especially flexibility and that the goals can evolve quickly. The fact that training for an OKR Certification is worthwhile is also reflected in the popularity of the method. Large enterprises set already for a long time on this and accordingly it is valuable to advance this progress or to initiate with the assistance of the OKR Certification of IFAAI.

What OKR is all about

The abbreviation OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results and directly reveals the strategic location of this method. Two aspects are central here. On the one hand, it is a concrete format, which on the other hand implements the truly strategic objective and subsequently drives it forward organizationally. This planning tool also involves the employees and integrates them into the process. This requires great effort in terms of organizational skills, but also rewards. With OKR Certification, you are thus a true organizational artist.

With IFAAI Certifications you are perfectly positioned: Register now and benefit

Spending and teaching Agile methods for organization and planning to participants is the core of our strength. Thereby you benefit from worldwide recognition and high reputation with the acquisition of the OKR Certifications. Other methods such as scrum are also available, so you can also become an OKR scrum Master. Take a look at our website to find out what you can expect from us. So sign up for the OKR Coach Certification or other content with us!