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We as IFAAI offer you & talents from all over the world a lot of opportunities to improve your CV with our official and recognized certificates. For this reason we recommend that you take the IFAAI Simulation Exams to complete one of our exams.

For example, we offer certificates in Scrum, Design Thinking and also in OKR, Kanban and Lean StartUp. This means that we combine the world’s leading methods of agility and innovation in our certification portfolio.


Test your basic knowledge of Scrum, the worldwide most used agile product develop framework.

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Design Thinking

Got a test on Design Thinking. The most used innovation methods to start in agile projects.

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Try a kanban test. Next to Scrum, Kanban is the most used agile method in projects.

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Test your OKR know-how. OKR is the agile trend method number 1 used by Google and Facebook.

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Agile Coach

Check out your Agile Coaching Skills with out Agile Coach Exam Simulation at IFAAI.

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