Exam Simulation: Kanban Coach

Exam Simulation Information: 

Time: 15 Minutes
Number of questions: 15
Kind of questions: Single - & Multiple Choice
Pass Mark: 50%

This Exam Simulation need to be taken in one sitting. Into the Simulation you can go back and move forward to every question.

How does estimation work in Kanban?
How is the work in Kanban usually visualized?
What is the advantage of using Kanban?
What does Kanban ensure?
How many agile principles are there?
How is work visualized in Kanban?
What is the lead time?

What is the first agile principle?

Kanban offers the possibility to …
How does Kanban prevent capacity overload?
How many Kanban principles are there?
What form of production is the result of the Toyota way?
What roles are there in Kanban?
The Agile Manifesto …
What is the basic principle behind “Promote leadership at all levels of the organization”?