Exam Simulation: Kanban Coach

Exam Simulation Information: 

Time: 15 Minutes
Number of questions: 15
Kind of questions: Single - & Multiple Choice
Pass Mark: 70%

This Exam Simulation need to be taken in one sitting. Into the Simulation you can go back and move forward to every question.

What is meant by the core practice “Make improvements based on methods and models”?
The templates presented should …
What is meant by the core practice “Limit work in progress (WiP)”?
Which meetings are there in Kanban?
Which question did Toyota ask themselves and what did they achieve?
What is made visible by WiP limits?
How many Kanban principles are there?
What is meant by the core practice “Manage flow”?
What is the throughput?
Are there sprints in Kanban?
Why is evolutionary change pursued?
How should software be delivered according to the Agile Manifesto?
How should blockades and bottlenecks be dealt with?
What is the task of knowledge workers?
How often should a retro take place?