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Total Questions: 15
Time: 15 Minutes
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1. A contractual penalty of 30,000 € is due if a certain product cannot be delivered by the end of the next quarter. However, the project does not fit our new strategy and jeopardizes the success of another project which is essential for our future direction. We expect very good sales from the new project in the long term. What decision would an agile company make?
2. Which statements regarding the history of the management approach are correct?
3. OKR is about...?
4. Nobody in the world should have health problems due to a lack of nutrients. This is a...
5. If you work with OKRs you work with the so called...
6. Which statements are correct regarding the OKR Alignment?

What are the characteristics of a company in the Waterfall model?

8. Which is NOT true about the S.M.A.R.T ?

What is the objective of creating OKRs?

10. Which statement regarding "Servant Leadership" is correct?
11. What are examples of high-frequency OKRs:
12. What are the requirements for a good key result?
13. What is the common denominator of all employees of a company in the ideal situation?
14. Which of the listed statements are false?
15. Which of the listed statements are correct?