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Agile Certificates with credibility

Globally recognized certifications are the key component for a good resume, apart from university degrees. Employers and clients pay particular attention to the respective titles as well as to the familiarity of the certification institutes. Therefore it is essential for employees, freelancers and students to pay attention to professionalism and authenticity. And this is exactly what IFAAI® stands for. We as IFAAI® stand for excellence, relevance and highest quality with our certifications. Nevertheless, no difference is made between the respective certificates. Whether Scrum, Design Thinking, Kanban or OKR. According to the worldwide IFAAI reputation, all certifications stand for the highest standards.


For freelancers, employees and students

According to the needs of most employees, freelancers and students, everyone is looking for challenging jobs or projects. Accordingly, the pressure to stand out from other top-class candidates during the application phase is correspondingly high. Consequently, more and more high talents are opting for private training and certification. This also includes the examination and certification courses offered by IFAAI®. Scrum and Design Thinking as the world’s leading methods for agility and innovation are the spearhead of this trend. Thousands of motivated people take IFAAI® exams in the course of their further education and consequently receive the worldwide recognized certificates: Scrum Master, Design Thinking Coach, Kanban Coach or OKR Master. In short, we give highly qualified talents the opportunity to stand out from other high potentials.

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In the course of a publicity campaign we asked our graduates to send us their certificates in attractive pictures. With this we follow an old German motto “Do good and talk about it”. In Germany, certificates belong to one of the most valuable CV accelerators. There is a real mega trend for the next qualitative certificates. Nevertheless, we also see a worldwide boom in learning new things and the associated certification. Agile methods such as Scrum, Design Thinking, Kanban and OKR are ideal for this type of certification. On the one hand they are trendy, on the other hand they are easy to learn and yet they have a considerable added value in the application in everyday business life. All the more we recommend to complete one of these certifications and to achieve a significantly higher market value at the end of the day.